**This game has been rewritten and recoded from the start! Any saves prior to 7/26/22 will not work properly!**

Last Update: 8/25/22

Speaker is a modern fantasy character-driven interactive novel focusing on the relationships (romantic, familial, or otherwise) formed within your rag-tag group of misfits. It will be the first book in a series.

  • Build a relationship with your twin sister as well as 5 romanceable characters (one male, one female, one nonbinary, and 2 whose gender you choose). Choose one of seven routes - one for each RO, a polyam romance with Li and Sebastian, or eschew romance entirely!
  • Have a shadow dog. He's a good boy.
  • Go on road trips with your new friends and try to save people from a prophesied fate.
  • Learn more about your family’s curse and what it means to be a Speaker.

I make weekly progress updates on my tumblr blog.

If you'd like to support Speaker's development, I have a ko-fi and a patreon!

Warnings: descriptions of blood, gore, and violence. Mentions of death. Nightmares. Being watched. A fair amount of swearing. I will update this list if anything applicable arises.


The Story

Your family is cursed.

The firstborn child in each generation is born a Seer, haunted by visions of the future they can neither stop nor control. For thirteen generations, they’ve suffered in silence, seeing death and disaster before it comes but unable to prevent it or even give it voice.

You are the second born.

Born only a few minutes after your twin sister, you avoided your family’s curse - by either luck or providence. As the twin sibling to your generation’s Seer, however, you have a rare and amazing gift. You are a Speaker, able to understand her visions and translate them in a way other people can understand. 

The two of you have made a living hunting down and trying to stop them at the source, plucking people from the clutches of death. You aren’t always successful, and the pay is pretty much nonexistent, but it gives you a sense of purpose and hey, it’s still better than working retail.

The visions are becoming more frequent lately, and their contents more violent. Is there a thread connecting them that you aren’t able to see? Or is this just a sign of the times?

Either way, one thing is for sure: it’s too much for just the two of you. You’re going to need help.



The Speaker

This is you, the player character. The twin sibling of a Seer, you narrowly avoided being the Chosen One pretty much just by the flip of a coin. Part caretaker, part private investigator, part vigilante, you travel the country trying to prevent your sister’s terrible visions from coming true. Your name, appearance, gender, pronouns, and personality are all customizable.

The Seer

Your twin sister. Older than you by four minutes, she suffers from the curse you avoided, plagued by visions of pain and death that she can only speak of to you. Stubbornly optimistic in spite of her powers, she is rarely seen without a smile. On bad days, she has trouble telling what’s real and what’s a vision, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to live her best life. Her appearance is determined by the Speaker’s, and her name is chosen by you.

The Dog

A Black Dog that has imprinted himself on you and your sister. He is about the size of an Irish Wolfhound, though he can increase or shrink his size depending on canine whim. Likes to go on car rides. Begs for food scraps even though he can’t eat them. Goodest boy. Name is decided by the player.

The Dryad-Next-Door - Azalea Mirin

Azalea has lived next door to you for as long as you can remember, and your families are long-time friends. Gentle, soft-spoken, and unassuming, she can often be found working in her garden, and she regularly brings you pies or muffins she’s made using the things she grows. Az is very much a homebody, and has very adamantly refused to travel with you in all the years you’ve known her, though she doesn’t mind housesitting if you ask nicely.

Azalea is a romanceable character.

The Austere Detective - Sebastian Wynric

A private detective that you hired to help with your sister's latest vision. He doesn’t talk much and can sometimes be a little sharp-tongued, but he seems ultimately harmless - or, at the very least, he means you and your sister no harm. You’re pretty sure he isn’t fully human, but he’s never said anything about it and you’re not sure if it would be rude to ask.

Sebastian is a romanceable character.

The Quiet Witch - Liam/Lily/Li Cowles

A healer, and potentially an old friend. Your family and theirs have been familiar with each other for generations, but you haven’t seen them since you were children. You remember them being quiet and shy, but surprisingly mischievous, and it seems that has carried into adulthood. They lean really heavily into the “spooky” angle of witchcraft, but you’re not sure how much of that is just for appearances.

Li's gender is chosen by the player. They are a romanceable character.

The Mysterious Musician - Kana

Kana is a traveling musician who you keep bumping into. They found themself in the wrong place at the right time and have been dragged into your adventures, though they seem willing enough to go along with it... for now. They keep their cards close to their chest, and you aren't sure how much of what they tell you about themself is true - you aren't even sure Kana is their real name - but they seem to genuinely want to help.

Kana is a romanceable character.

The Merry Wanderer - Roderick/Aurora “Rory” Kane

The victim in your sister’s latest vision. You manage to save their life, but at what cost? Friendly, outgoing, and perhaps a little too trusting, their resemblance to a golden retriever is almost uncanny. Never one to stay in one place for long, Rory has decided to travel with you for now... both for your safety, and their own.

Rory's gender is chosen by the player. They are a romanceable character.



Thank you to my mom for being my first and biggest fan. I always promised I'd do this if I became a published author: HI MAMA!

Thank you to my beta readers for keeping this story legible.

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just replayed for the second time and its still as captivating as the first time I read it! truly can't wait until it's finished!!

ough i just finished whats up and im obsessed it's so good!!


words can't describe how much i love this game


I cannot wait for another update!!! This game is amazing and I am a SIMP for Liam. 


every 3 business days i feel the urge to play through this again 


absolutely phenomenal so far, so excited for more


me, named aurora, with the nickname rory: perusing the character descriptions


me: there's not enough room in this town for both of us, kane...


i'm officially obsessed. it's so good, so funny. i can't stop thinking about iiiiiit


Soooooo gooooooooooood aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Do saves not work on iPad? :(

They should, a lot of browsers don’t work with twine saves though, try changing that-Chrome usually works well.

ty ✨ 




Love this 🥰. This is such an amazing story with interesting characters and an intriguing plot. Truly a hidden jem. 



Liam is life.


There's a polyam option with Sebastian and Liam?! MY DREAM! I hope I'm on the right path to having that happen LOL






whenever I read this, I only ever imagine the sweet boy as a black labrador. I don't know why, I've never had a black labrador, I just cannot imagine him otherwise

(2 edits) (+1)

It's a pretty dead on reference to a "black dog" from a particular anime... but i won't link it and spoil your image 👍


I'm afraid I don't watch any anime, so any references there would be purely accidental 😅 black dogs are a bit of british folklore that I've always been fond of

(1 edit) (+3)

Look into 'the ancient magus bride'.. grrayt and pretty fantasy show of modern day times with the fantasy elements being exclusively European, said Black Dog becomes a main character. 😘 Consider it research?


Not me wanting to romance Gavin and naming my dog after alcohol

(2 edits) (+3)

Clearly, you are waiting for the second game to romance Gavin, anyway hope you're good with kids!

(A game where you play as "The Witness" instead of "The Speaker" you have no relation to the others family except for your relationship with Gavin Cowles obviously.)


Not Rory letting me live out my dreams of petting coyotes! I love the danger puppies! Him and Wojtek (Black Dog) are feeding me all my dog content needs <3


OOHOOHOO what a great story!! I need to romance Sebastian right now, but also the other boys, and also find out what the HELL is going on, because I'm obsessed. The magic in this world is so so so amazing even for how little we're taught about it! It just feels REAL! Fantastic work!


I'm loving this so far. It's very well written and I love how all of the options you choose affect little things. Makes me really feel involved in the world.


Li Rory and Bas are all under arrest for stealing my heart. 

Petition to add Rory to the poly route

(im only half joking.. gives me an excuse to replay ;) )


I need more of this IF! Li's route is ❤️❤️❤️. 

I'm looking forward the next chapter! 😍😍😍


excited to play the rewrite!!! <33

is this phone compatible



AAAAA I LOVE THE REWRITE! At the very start everything looks so different not only by the background style but also with your writing, because now it feels like the world is more fleshed out and immersive. Especially with the little tidbits about how humans react towards the Old Town. I really love the Codex part cause it feels very immersive and has additional lore that keeps up with everything but doesn't intrude with the main story. I also love how the MC and their twin sister's relationship and dynamic started to really take attention at the very start, and also how customizable MC has become with the pronouns, little facts about them we can influence, and how much accessories we can add on in MC. And the characters! I don't know if anything's changed but in my opinion they felt more alive, which probably means they've been rewritten to be livelier but I can't tell!! Aaaa I really love it and I loved replaying it, never once thought of how boring or redundant it was, I can't wait to see more!!



Waaaaa!! After the rewrite the characters feel more real! And the flow of the story is AMAZING now!! This is a very big improvement! Hehe, I love it >:3


Even after the rewrite, L and S somehow still manage to have my whole heart. I very much like how immersive this game is, and I continue to wait with bated breath for what comes next! :)


This has to be my favourite one so far.

Ive played many text based story games, but none have pulled me into the story as much as this one. Its written well, the characters are unique and likeable, the customization is diverse and the choices finally make sense, unlike most other games.

I feel like i am actually able to lose someone or something, i dont think ive ever cared about a fictional sibling like this before. 

The story line is intruiging and exciting, there are no boring breaks where nothing happens. It always leaves you hoping for more and more, to find out just what could happen next. What is happening?  Why is there a curse in the first place? will our sister be alright? is there something deeper, more ominous lurking and waiting for us? why are we told to ´awaken´? When will i see our dog again? These are the questions that have been haunting me the entire day.

While i like that the rom dialogue options are pointed out, i sometimes couldnt choose between choosing them or choosing what i would actually want to do. For example, while we are numb, i really tried to have it stay that way but just couldnt because i felt like i would miss something if i didnt choose the other options. 

Overall i am very intruiged and excited to see what comes next! Amazing work.

the characters are all written out so well. i'll now be waiting for your updates. keep up the good work!

I just wanted to say, the story (on the current moment of the demo) left me speechless and made me genuinely feel for characters, i've grown fond of pretty much every character in the current story (and fell in love in a couple of them ;) )

Аnd this is the first game to introduce me to this kind of novels, now being my favorite piece of media, thank you very much for your incredible story and characters, i love it!

Аlso it introduced me to perfect pronouns that i didn't know existed, and now i'm using e/em/eir!!

(1 edit) (+1)

Also, the irony

Detective: said to be a (kind of) cold character

(and i kinda assumed at first that he has Gavin Reed's meanie vibe)

and literally me the rest of the game:

*screams and feels for Sebastian, feeling like he's the most warm and gentle man i know*


is it possible to have a more silent mc or no? I love the IF so far! im just curious


More?!? This is still being worked on right?


yes! I'm currently most of the way through reworking the first 3 chapters, but Speaker is still very much being worked on! I make regular progress reports on tumblr as well :D

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UUUGHH  this is an absolute master-piece 

I owe whoever made this a drink a bank and my devotion for good measure

in short I LOVE YOU!!


i'm obsessed with this game??? it's so freaking good! the lore and the characters are so interesting too, i'm in love with sebastian alreadyyy

(1 edit) (+4)

Good Boi Chekup: Getting relationship tab [MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS THE FARTHER YOU GO]


"...and hey, it's better than working retail." - As someone who worked in retail for years...you're not wrong. I hate you (in a good way), but can't argue that.



Freaking awesome..Thank you for this masterpiece 

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