Update - 11/1/21

The next part is available to play!

Features include:

  • Embarrassing baby pictures!
  • Breakfast!
  • Rory Kane: were[redacted]!

We’re close enough to the end of Chapter 3 that I’ve created the Chapter 4 document, though right now it’s just full of notes about ~consequences~ of things that happen at the end of Chapter 3. I’m very hopeful that I can get it finished this month, but we’ll have to wait and see!

What you can expect from the next update:

  • The updated profile/relationship pages that I forgot this time!
  • Mom and Dad, for real this time!
  • The end of Chapter 3? Maybe!

As always, thank you for reading! 💙💙💙


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Nov 01, 2021


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Yay! Thank you!

I think everything works, except for one thing: by "I forgot", did you mean that you forgot to add the stats and relationship page? Because I can't find it anywhere. (And I'm a bit out of my element playing "blind" like this))


Hello! How can I play the update? I updated the game but still when I load my game it ends at the same point. Thanks!!

hi, I republished the file from twine and uploaded it again, hopefully that should fix the issue! if it has a scene with Audrey talking about baby pictures, you're in the right version ;) if not, I'll keep fiddling with it and see if I can figure it out