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I stayed up until 3:00 reading this last night and it was totally worth it, I was so tired (like I was hallucinating small things flying out the corner of my eye, shadow people staring at me in the corner of my room, blood all over my hands (this was horrifying)) that it was really easy for me to imagine myself actually in the story, that and also the incredible storytelling, props to whoever made this. I felt like it was about me and not someone I control. Also do you have any idea when the next chapter will be out? 

btw, how do you rate games?

UUUGHH  this is an absolute master-piece 

I owe whoever made this a drink a bank and my devotion for good measure

in short I LOVE YOU!!


i'm obsessed with this game??? it's so freaking good! the lore and the characters are so interesting too, i'm in love with sebastian alreadyyy

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Good Boi Chekup: Getting relationship tab [MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS THE FARTHER YOU GO]

"...and hey, it's better than working retail." - As someone who worked in retail for're not wrong. I hate you (in a good way), but can't argue that.


Freaking awesome..Thank you for this masterpiece 


AHHHHH YAY. So happy to see you again. :))

this is phenomenal!!! i love it :D

I love this game so much!!!!! 

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to this story💕

it's not letting me run the game :(  i'm on a windows 11 laptop, if that matters?

when i click on it, it only displays an error page

maybe switch browsers? or devices if it still doesn't work

idk thats just what i need to do usually if a game doesn't run for me


This is absolutely amazing and I am so in love with this game already! I love that we have a twin sister, it's very nice to have another character that has such a close bond with the mc and knows what we're going through. I am already immensely attached to her and will be devastated if anything happens to her. I also love Sebastian and Liam, they have my whole heart and that one scene with them standing protectively on either side of the mc made me think of them as the mc's guard dogs, haha!

I am brimming with excitement for what comes next. :)


I love this game so much Sebastion and Liam have my whole heart. I will continue to come back and check for updates. :)

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I do not think the sister will be a Love interest, although I am not the dev.


So Liam and Sebastian can both be romanced in a poly?

that would be AMAAZIINGG ugh


From the looks of the game writing, they can be! I know that's the route I have my heart set on. :)


I love the bonds between the mc and their twin.


please this is so interesting. i love all the characters and the generally the whole story so far. i can't wait for more!


i'm not crying over found family vibes and road trips; i would never (but also this is incredible thanks for writing it and sharing it)


Thank you so much for making this, it's really amazing! I wanted to let you know that we've mentioned your story in our list of recommended Twine stories. But if that's not okay just let me know. You can view it here, let us know if there are any other details we should add for your title -->


Liam is probably one of my favourite characters in any of the interactive fiction on this site, excellent character development! I cannot wait until the next part is released, don't overwork yourself though :]

Oh and i also love how you incorporated a few languages into one of the parts, I especially enjoyed seeing the welsh language as I believe it is a language that many overlook when writing stories like this :]


It's so amazingly written especially the characters, I love interacting with them and my heart goes crazy whenever I go out of my way to pursue one of the romanceable targets, I'm really glad there's an option for romance and platonic options, I'm really glad I can play this and I'm excited to see what's in store next!

Deleted post

Can you only play as a girl?


You can play as anything, you get to select your pronouns by clicking on the underlined bit in the first few paragraphs


I need a Sebastian in my life 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Love it so far. And honestly has some of the most customization for the MC that I've see in an IF.
Amazingly done and I can already tell that even though Liam is my main route I'm going for, I'm going to be replaying it for all the LIs routes.


This has to be one of the best things I've played/read! The story and the choices along with it are very interesting. I also really like how this is a interactive story making it more engaging!! Keep up the good work <3 :D

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I was really looking forward to playing this game, but it won't let me click any of the choices for the dog's name and I'm stuck at this same spot. Restarted my computer and everything. Kinda bummed :/

Have you tried playing it on your phone?

 I've always played it on mine and it works perfectly!


Okay, this may be weird, but have you tried clicking directly on the name and not on the box around it? If you go through the first choice, then it should work. (This isn't my game. I've just played it a lot.)

hey it worked!!


Yay! I had this problem at first too. Glad you got it working!


I really love this, I really our twin sister I grow protective of her wish for net update soon

keep up good work!


I haven’t even finished the story yet, as I do require at least a few hours of sleep,  but you’re an amazing author with a unique imagination! Keep working hard, this is a very attention grabbing story. I cannot wait to see any further work you release :).


Holy f....

I just wanted to distract myself from a shitty day and now I AM OBSESSED with this. This is so good! I played till 2am and was kind of relieved when it ended because otherwise I wouldn't have get any sleep at all haha 

Gonna check out your patreon now

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I noticed this command for the profile is faulty. (It happened after I chose my character’s height. It got fixed sometime after.)


This is truly one of my favorite games I've played this year. The story is super engaging, the characters are diverse and interesting, I'm so in love with everything about this and can't wait for the next update!


played through everything and i am so in love!!! I cannot, for the life of me, pick someone. Is it possible to just... date everyone? Also i am so scared for everyone this is the best game ive ever played


I love this game so much, I can't get enough of it! Thank you for all of the work that you put into telling this story, I'm looking forward to your next update! 


This has been and continues to be so GOOD that I almost can't stand it. It's SO much fun, the characters are lovely, and I think the pacing of everything is horrifyingly lovely. You've got me Major stressed for these characters, but pls take that as a compliment!! Can't wait to see more of Rory in the future!!


an interesting read, but I must say the pacing is really really fast.  At this rate the entire world will end from an apocalypse before we even figure out who half the people we are suddenly grouping with even are.  Alot of people throwing their "lot" in with us and half of them we havnt even known long enough to be on first name basis with, never mind trusting them.

Its going to make for some very shallow relationships at the very least.

The plot itself is very interesting, but it too is going to burn itself out at the break neck speed its building.  Too much, Too fast, with no time to allow any mulling, consideration, or even any really tension to build.  Drama is only meaningful when the reader has had time to become invested in the characters that are involved.

I'd honestly consider a rewrite before you get to much further in and it becomes impossible.  Take time to allow the reader to get to know who is who, what they are about, why we should care (or not care.)  Let the characters breathe and bring life to the story, and let the plot line build, instead of just constantly exploding.

Im picking up alot of Supernatural,  and Jim Butcher vibes going on.  Follow those examples and let things build from one episode/book to the next.

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played from start to finish in one sitting and i love it!! the plot is real interesting, and i'm excited to see where it goes. all of the characters are very charming in their own ways, so you can expect me falling for all of them. (kana and rory especially!! though i love all of them) while i don't have a twin sibling, i think the dynamic between the twins is really well done!!! 

overall, amazing!!! again, i'm hyped to see where it leads!


god, i still love this game so much. it's just so interesting and gripping and :OO also, your weekly updates are much appreciated!! i'm so impressed by your ability to push on despite the setbacks you've had. you're doing great!!

Amazing game! Love the story and all the characters so far🥵🥶 What is used to make this btw? I wanna make an interactive fiction/ dating sim without the visuals for now cuz student ahaha

i believe it is made with twine!

Ah ok! Thank you^^

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